D&E Tech was founded in 2012, and mainly engaged in intelligent human-computer interaction. We are one of the earliest developers of Motion Control, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, and firstly applied these technologies into innovated digital entertainment product.


D&E is one of the earliest Realsense developers all over the world, and also the Intel Realsense ambassador.

In 2012, started a deep cooperation with Intel, and joined efforts in exploring Realsense application content and created different solutions.

In 2013, agreed to a strategic partnership with Lenovo,  explored the brand new VR/AR application for next generation of home interactive entertainment product.

In 2014, cooperated with Wechat, took the lead in realizing wechat payment accessing entertainment hardware.

In 2015, being a partner with Alpha Animation, created a new channel between animation IP and Realsense application, triggered a revolution for perceptual preschool gaming.

In 2016, founded Guangdong Briain Science Experiment Creative Coalition with medical services and colleges.


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